Multiple aircraft are available in Takistan Life Revolution. Different factions have access to different aircraft from the AN2 to the AH11 Wildcat.

BluFor AircraftEdit

  • AH-12
  • AH-1H Huey
  • AH-6J
  • AH-6X
  • AV-8B
  • AV-8B LGB
  • BAF AH-1D
  • C130J
  • F-35B
  • Ka-60
  • Ka-60 GL
  • MH-60S
  • MG-6J
  • MI-171 SH
  • MV22 Osprey
  • TK AN-2 Police
  • UH-1Y
  • UH-60M
  • UH-60M Medevac
  • UN L39ZA
  • UN MI-8
  • US A10
  • US AH-64D
  • US CH-47F
  • US MQ9 Predator
  • USMC A10
  • USMC AH-64D
  • USMC MQ9 Predator
  • Wildcat AH11

OpFor AircraftEdit

list of available aircraft:


  • ArmA2OA.exe 2013-5-17-0-44-36-704

    OpFor side of Checkpoint ALpha

    RU Mi-8mt Medevac
  • TK- Mi-8
  • TK UH-1H
  • RU Ka-52 Black


  • AN-2 DShKM
  • TK L39ZA
  • Tk SU-25

Independent AircraftEdit

list of available aircraft

Civilian AircraftEdit

list of available aircraft

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